Thursday, August 5

Corner Clean-up

I'm sure all have a beautiful place in your home where the mail seems to migrate and live, whether you keep it there or shove it there in a frantic cleaning when company is coming over!  Well... I am embarrassed, but here is mine!  It's hard to sort through and ends up all over the counter when I'm searching for a certain... something!  This is also the place my purse lives when it's not over my shoulder as I head out the door.  Sometimes... I go to put it back... and... it lands on a messy pile.  I regret to tell you this is the cleanest this counter has been in a while.  (No... I didn't clean it for this post...  I think it is cleaner cause we just got back from vacation!)  So.. this post is showing my attempt at how to keep that dreaded corner clean in you home.  Enjoy!
I started with 3 big Cheerio boxes... if you look closely... you will notice that one of my boxes has been used for target practice with a blow dart gun!  (Or was I that thoughtful and covered it up... Hmm...)
I then measured on all 3 where I wanted the top of my box to be on the high end.  I used a magazine for measurement.
I also measured them where I wanted at the lowest point for the front of my mail organizer thingies.  I marked the magazine to be sure they would all the the same!
I drew diagonals on both sides of all 3 from top mark to bottom mark.  I then cut along the black lines.
Here is what I ended up with!  I wasn't going to use the other half, but the seemed the be just the right size for un-opened mail.  So I taped them back together using masking tape.  I also taped the inside bottoms closed all all the boxes.
I then lined up my 3 boxes and taped the top sides together with the thick masking tape.  Kinda hard to see in the photo.  It's just the 2 top cut portions that will be touching...
I used the masking tape again to tape closed all the ends and squish them all together.
The gluing of the paper is hard to take a picture of, but... I just held up cute scrapbook paper and cut it so it would be a little larger than the side I was putting it on.  For the two ends of each I cut slits at the top where it would fold over into each seperate section.  

To put it simply.  Measure you paper and Mod Podge AWAY!!!!!!!
Here are my 2 boxes drying overnight.  I did each side a different paper.  You could go crazy and cut and tear lots of papers or go more simple and do all sides the same.
Here is my nice organized corner.  I thought about labeling each section and probably still will, but I wanted to see what kind of junk papers cam through before I did that.   I think my sections on the big one will be:  Kiddos, File It, and Scott (That's my hubbies name.)  Notice his section on the far right... PACKED!  He is in the military and we get tons of crazy paper work coming through.  It usually ends up in it's own giant box...  But I wanted to show you EVERYTHING that was on the counter!

This would also be a great way to organize your magazines, piano books, recipes.... you name it!


  1. Wow! I LOVE it. You are amazing, Jessica! What a good idea for that haunting corner that appears in all of our homes, unfortunately. Great way to shape it all up and recycle at the same time! Who knew going green could be so dang cute!