Friday, July 23

Tie Dye (Guitar)

Ok... Here is the one I am VERY proud of!  I saw a picture of one and knew that it had to be simple.  It was just a matter of figuring it out!  And I was right (Love it when that happens).  It's way to easy and even after a long search over the internet I couldn't find a tutorial so... here is my Guitar Dying method!
I only wanted a guitar on one side of my shirt, and I did mine at a diagonal so that it would kinda wrap around the bottom of the shirt at the hips.

Here it is folded.

Draw half a guitar and the middle hole on the fold.

Take a needle and thread and hand sew through both layers along your guitar shape.

When you have gone all the way gather your fabric along your string!  The Stitching forces the shirt to stay all in one line while you gather.

I tied the ends of my string together, top and bottom of the guitar touching.

then I banded them, making sure that as much of my pink line was directly under the band as possible.

Then I gathered my middle circle and banded it!

I added another band above my original guitar line.

I finished them all with and "Electric Ball".  Just squish the left over and band to hold.

Here is how I dyed it.  The Electric ball part is soaked good with pink and splashed with purple.  Guitar outline is purple and guitar base is green.

Now.. for the finished results... I was to excited to see how they would turn out so I took the pictures with my phone right out the washer!  I was so excited to see if they would work!

A note on this one.  I am NOT the best artist.. even when outlining half a guitar.  I would be sure that the neck of your guitar is long and skinny not short and fat like this one.

Here is the second one I pulled out of the wash!

This very last I started running our of dye so I improvised.  I diluted my purple for the outside, There was supposed to be a blue ring around my yellow guitar, but... my colors ran together cause I was getting sloppy and adding to quickly.  When it was all bundled the colors looked disgusting!  I was sure that this one was going to be ugly.  I was so mad cause this one was supposed to be mine!  Well... I think my messed up one turned out the best!!!!  YEAH!

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