Thursday, September 30

Guest Post - Easy Fabric Wreath

Welcome to my little sissy, Banana Sherbert!  lol  I'm so excited to welcome her to Sherbert Cafe!  Originally this blog was going to be between me and ALL my sisters, but... you know how life goes...  Blah Blah...  Anyways.  Banana Sherbert came up with this amazing wreath and has promised to make me one for Christmas.   (At least I think... *Hint Hint)

Step 1: Bend a wire hanger into a circle-ish shape
 Step 2: Pick your fabrics!  They can be anything from coordinating seasonal colors, scraps, tool, fleece, ribbon, whatever you want.
 Step 3: Cut or tear fabric into strips. Cutting them looks more uniform, tearing will give the frayed shabby chic look.  Length and width of strips is up to you! I made my tool trips about 5 inches wide and fabric strips about an inch and a half. Both were around 8-9 inches long. The longer the strip the fluffier the wreath. 
 Step 4: Single knot tie the strips on, alternating each pattern. I did three of each pattern so they would show up in bigger chunks. Push the knots as close together as you can for maximum fullness.

 Step 5: Take a coordinating ribbon and tie a big bow at the top or side, you could also put a flower, seasonal decoration (Pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, small flip flops for summer, American flags), or a combo of any the above. I just happen to have the Howdy sign and thought it would look cute in front since the colors matched :)
You can bend the hanger hook back so it wont be seen and hang with a ribbon or just bend it till its mostly hidden and hang the wreath by the hook so your ribbon/ornament can be off center.

Isn't she wonderful!  I LOVE the Howdy sign!  I love the colors.  I love the price!  You could easily make this from scraps and a dry cleaning hanger!  Banana Sherbert is having a baby in December so.... I'm hoping to get more of her ideas for her baby!  Good luck little sis!

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