Friday, October 1

Fake-Out Spaghetti Dessert!

This was so fun to feed the kids!  They were slowly eating their dinner, with the promise of an amazing dessert.  Low and behold.... out came more dinner?   Priceless!
 Here is what I used.  The only change I would make is to use butter cream or white frosting.  I just happened to have cream cheese, but it was VERY rich with that.
 Bake your brownies and let them cool.  Then dump 'em into a bowl and add about 1/4 cup of frosting.
 Here is the messy part.  Pick up a chunk of your brownie frosting mixture and roll it around in your hands until it's a ball!  (Meatball that is....)
 Put your frosting into a ziplock baggie, cut a hole in one corner, and squeeze out the frosting all over your plate to make "noodles"!
 I made large "meatballs" and put 2 on each plate.
Then drop your strawberry jam or filling "sauce" over your "meatballs". 
 Then grate your white chocolate bar over the top to make "parmesean"!
 Pretty neat right!   I thought so... The kids were a little upset that I was going to make them eat more dinner.  It was hilarious!  Took them a while to try it.

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