Monday, September 13

Skirt Fix #1

Here I am to sprinkle some sewing knowledge.  This is another addition to PROJECT PICKENS!  I must say it's been nice to finish my stack of to do's and using up my scraps, but I am WAY loading my list of crafts I want to do!  

Ok... I have 2 skirts in my "Thrift Store Fix-it" pile.  They are both sooo cute!  I resisted fixing cause they both have sequins and those are a PAIN in the patootie to fix.  
This is skirt #1  Cute... Pink... I knew it would be easier to fix than the other sooo.. I fixed it first!  Now... I am by no means a size 4.   I'm not huge, but for sure NOT a size 4.  But... 
there are pleats in this skirts which means... more fabric than it seems!
So.. after hours of fixing sequins... and I'm sure more cause.. I have little ones...  I started here at the zipper.  I removed the little clasp and that strip of liner at the top inside of the skirt.  I know it's hard to see the difference in the sides of the fabric here, but... up where my fingers are is the top lining and I'm showing the inside of the skirt here.
Easier to tell a difference in the colors here!  This is with the lining and clasp removed.  Notice how nothing is now holding down the seams for those pleats!
Oh.. the pleats!  There were so many!  I took out every other one and then... realized there were to many and sewed them all back in but 2!  Still not a 4 or a 6!  I think these may have been purchased at a crazy store!  lol  This is a picture of the original pleats removed.  I left 3 in the front and 3 in the back.  Then went to 5 in front and 5 in back!  lol  I hate redoing stuff.. I should have measured first.
I then used some linen I SWEAR I already had scraps of and just happened to match the skirt!  I cut strips on the fold about 3.5 inches wide and sewed them together to make a new lining for the top.
Then I pinned it on with the RIGHT sides facing.  I also let my liner stick about the top about a quarter inch.  Sew a straight stitch and get that sucker down!
Now here it is stitched down.  Liner is on the right.  I'm now going to fold that over so that the seam and ends of the fabric are hidden.
See.. I pinned it down!
Now sew it down!  I also sewed a tiny line down by the zipper.  So that the ends wouldn't flare up.
Done and ready to wear!
So cute!
Now.. remember the original liner from the inside of the skirt that that held the seams?  Well.. I trimmed a few inches off, used a cute stitch to  hold down the end that was connected to the skirt, and hemmed the tips.  I then measured it around my head and pinned where I wanted buttons to go!
See!  The 2 big buttons are the ones that are truly functional and the small ones are just for show.  SEW CUTE!  lol

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