Saturday, September 11

Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial & A Sweater Makeover!

I've been seeing these shirts EVERYWHERE with the cute flowers all over them.  In stores and on blogs!  Who doesn't have  plain shirt they wouldn't mind sprucing up!  Why buy a new shirt when you can revamp a new one!

Well... I have a stack of clothes that either need repair or are thrift store finds that I new I could repair or revamp.  What a perfect opportunity to show you how to do my version of another easy rolled flower!
Depending on how large and tall you want your flowers you will need a few strips of fabric.  I  made 2 1.5 inch strips and then the one .5 inch.  Mine are a stretch jersey so I knew that a little would go a long way!
By hand... fold in half one end of your fabric and tie a knot.
Folding your fabric in half as you go wrap your strip around your knot.
About every  one and a quarter turn around twist your fabric so that the frayed end is on the top.  Continue this wrapping and twisting until your flowers is as large around as you would like.
When you are done fold a corner of the end under.
Using that needle and thread poke through the tip and start to secure!  I thought I took a picture of this finished, but...  Pretty much just stick your needle through as many layers as you can until you think it's secure!

The following aren't rolled flowers, but.. I wanted to show you how I created the other accessories I put on the shirt!
Here is a small pill of finished flowers that will go on the shirt!
Here is my dollars sweater!  All plain... still nice, but... I knew if could be cooler!
Next play with your flowers to see how you like them.  I did end up making more after this cause... just those wasn't enough for me!
I ended using my smallest ones to create mock buttons!  So comfy and now so cute!
A close up of the flowers!
Am I so cute!  And no... I'm NOT wearing sweatpants!  lol... yes I am... I can't lie to you.

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  1. That's pretty darn cute! And I am on the floor laughing that you're "not" in sweatpants! Too Funny!