Wednesday, September 1

Wrapped Triangle Pony

This one is much easier than it looks!  I didn't really have any direct idea where I was going... I just kinda went with it.  Only problem was... I didn't take step by step pics, so... I think the pics I did take will explain good enough.

I started by sectioning out the front half of her hair.  HALF of that I put in simple twists going towards the back.  I did 4!
The other half of the front I did in 4 simple twists going toward her ear.
This is what the top should look like when you complete this step.
The inside most two ponies I swept back and added together so the form a triangle.
Then I got the next two and added them just below that.
I did the same with the rest and then the last I swept ALL her hair into a pony.
Then I added a bow!  If you need better picks just let me know....  Sorry!  It's our first year of early school and I was more worried about getting her there on time and didn't even THINK of taking picture till I was done.

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