Thursday, September 2

Fix A Pulled Zipper

Have you ever had a zipper that zipped up, but... pulled back apart behind you!  So annoying to zipper a toddlers jacket, only to look down in the wind and he is getting blasted in the tummy by cold air!   Or pack your suit case bulging only to find that when you FINALLY get that zipper closed it pops open again!

Well... worry no more my friends.  

I bought a Spiderman Jacket for my son at the thrift store.  It was 25 cents and I new I had a sipper in my stash that would fit it.  But as I got to looking closer when sitting down to fix it I got an idea!  I did find a few site explaining this, but with to much... technical talk... So here is the dumb version, for us dumb folks.
The zipper groves close, but not all the way because the part you pull up isn't forcing them together tight enough.  Notice how the start piece and the zipper pull are different sizes.
All I did was get so needle nose plyers and squish that back together!
See.  Same size!
All ZIPPED!  YEAH!!!  
Easy right... now... don't you feel silly for buying a new jacket every time this happened.  Your only problem would be if you had a plastic zipper.  You must have a metal zipper to do this.  Maybe with a plastic one you could heat it with your fat iron or something and the pinch it back and blow?  I dunno, but I saved myself some sewing time!  (P.s.  I got this at the base thrift store, so if any of you military buddies were the ones who donated this... HA HA!  lol) 

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  1. Hey, I saw that jacket!! I would have bought it if the zipper worked!! Curse your talent Jessica! Just kidding. I love your talent. Thank you guys so much for coming over last night. Oh, and don't throw that envelope away okay?