Saturday, October 2

Alien Beanie

My Son loves this type of hat, but has been wearing one of the bazillions that my hubby has.  I'm not sure why he has so many, but... I figured it was time for my little man to have one of his own!  Luckily I had super soft green yarn handy!  (You know... my silly challenge to not buy any crafty supplies till the end of the year....  Rgg..)
So... I'm not the best knitter or crocheter... not sure how to spell that one...  Anyways, I cheated and started with a Knifty Knitter Loom!
 Ok.. if you have one of these they come with instructions.  They are SUPER easy.  I like the Knifty Knitters cause they help me keep everything uniform and straight!  Just in case I will give a few instructions on what I did.
For this, I wanted it thick, I doubled up my yarn and then tripled weaved it around the loom.  I would fold over the bottom row, then add another to make three, then fold over the bottom row, then add another....  Blah blah...  I kept going until it was tall enough to make a hat.  Then I cut the yarn, about 6 inches extra, and instead of looping over I pulled it all the way through the loops and pulled tight at the end! 
 The I crocheted a single braid (with 2 strands of yarn)  I made it triple the length that I wanted the... antennae?  Not sure what to call them...
 I then started a loop at the end of this braid... I'm going to braid the braid, but I wanted to hook it onto the hat...
 I pulled the straight side through the top of the hat until the loop was touching the hat... then I braided the braid.
 Towards the end I tied doubled white yard to the end of the green.
 There really is no great way to describe how I did the eyeball parts.  Pretty much I just crocheted a small square and then went back and looped and attached it to the tip of the green over and over until it looked like a square.  (Can you tell I'm not a croqueter?  (Again... Not even sure if that is the right word!  lol)
 I repeated this 3 times so that I had 3 eyeballs on tips of antennae on top of the hat!
 I then used needle and thread to sew black buttons to the eyeballs! 
 My son was out playing with a friend for the morning so... my daughter modeled.  Looks good on her too!  I have pink yarn and we decided she needed a girl alien.
I LOVE this hat!  It was way easy, even if the instructions make it seem not so!  It is cause I say so!  lol


  1. SO cute! Jessica, you are incredible.

  2. I have a knifty knitter! My nephew would LOVE this hat!