Thursday, October 14

Haunted Candy Houses

My husband's family had a tradition growing up where they would decorate REAL gingerbread houses at Christmas time.  I haven't gotten good enough to bake REAL gingerbread yet, but... we also decorate Haunted Houses at Halloween!  It is different, fun, and we give away the leftover candy on Halloween!

All you will need is Chocolate Graham Crackers, Halloween Candy, and my Edible Frosting!  The chocolate graham crackers are harder to find than you would think.  Some of them come with giant sugar crystals all over.  They taste good, but it's harder to get the candy to stick to them!  To save on candy we have added chocolate chips and other cookies than don't really go with the theme.  We have discovered that if you have the chocolate crackers and the orange frosting it turns out Halloweeny.

Jessica's Edible Mortar Frosting

1 Cup Shortening
7 Cups Powdered Sugar
2 Tsp Vanilla
6-7 Tbl Hot Water
Food Coloring

I mix it all up and put it into gigantic Ziploc Freezer bags.
I then just cut a tiny corner to pipe onto the houses.

I generally put the houses together the night before so that they dry.  Then the kids tell me where they want to stick the candy and I squirt the frosting there!  They have turned out amazing every year!  This year we invitied friends!  The more the merrier...  or... scarier, since it's Halloween!   Here are some pictures closer up of the plain house, so you can get an idea of how I put it together, and some with candy on them!

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