Friday, October 15

Stained Shirt Makeover

I have had this shirt for about 4 years.  I noticed a stain on it after holding my son when he was a baby.
I was able to get most of the stain out, but...  the shirt is pretty see through and when I wear it you see it more!  I had it in a pile of thrift store clothes.  I haven't worn it in quite a while, just because of the silly stain!  I still love the shape of the shirt and the neck line!  I decided to "fix it" instead of getting rid of it!
 I started by cutting up another T shirt in the pile that had some stains.  It was nice to make use of 2 shirts that were going to be given away!  I made my strips about 2 inches wide.
Then I cut one side of the seem to make long strips and ruffled them!
 I cut one ruffle into pieces and placed some at the shoulders and chest to make it more of a square neck line.
 With another ruffle I tucked it under in the same place the top left shoulder ruffle was so it would look like it was kind of continuing down.
Then I kinda just dropped the ruffle to see where it would fall and pinned it there!  I will admit to making a few minor adjustments.  I tucked the end under at the bottom and made sure to much of the ruffle wasn't over lapping.
 Here is the first part sewed down!  I used a straight stitch around the neck and a tiny zig zag at the sie ruffle.  I did pick up the sewing needle in some places so that the whole ruffle wasn't plastered to the shirt.  I wanted it kinda floaty, so I tried to only sew where the snag of the ruffle was.  When I cam to a part where I might sew over the body of the ruffle I stopped and picked it up and then started over...
I did the same for the rest of the shirt.  I used 2 more ruffles!  I used one to continue the first and kinda wrapped it around to the back of the shirt a little.  The second I added to the front of the shirt to balance it out a little more!
 Here is a side view so you can see how the ruffle wrapped around to the back.  From here you can also see how the ruffles pop out a little!  I LOVE IT!

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