Monday, December 13

Tree Wrapped Gifts

This wasn't my idea, but it was to cute to NOT post about!  Our Primary Presidency gave all the teachers thank you gifts for Christmas!  First... A little about our Primary Presidency.  I LOVE them, for several reasons, but mostly because I KNOW they have my back.  If I need help in class or need a sitter during Activity Days...  They are so sweet and have done a Fantabulous job of keeping reverence and teaching the children.  Now... about the gifts!

She got the wrapping idea from Family Fun magazine.  I LOVE that magazine!  She got the green bags at Hobby Lobby at 1.99 for a pack of 10!  I will admit... If I don't re-gift the cute bag... I'm stealing the sparkly off it!  LOL Two gifts in one!
When I get something from the Presidency, the sweet children in my class turn to hovering vultures!  Cute ones, but still!  I try to make it a point to not open it until I get home, or am in the car on my way.  I use the excuse of reverence, but really...  I don't wanna share!  I seem to end up sharing with my kids anyways... so.. I'm not that evil right?  So here is what I saw when my son opened it for me at home!
Fun stuff right?  We have a new building and the chalk and erasers are in the library.  It seems that the erasers have all disappeared and are now on a first come first serve bases.  I was THRILLED to see my very own chalk and eraser in the bag.  Boy.. I'm a nut.  I did share the candy!  Am I slightly redeemed for not sharing earlier in the post?

Just though I would share my excitement of today and give you another post!  Sorry I'm kinda skimpy this month.  I've been making ALL our gifts and... I can't post those!  I can't give away the surprises!

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  1. Aw, shucks!! I'm so glad you liked it!! We gave you the cutest out of all the scissors- shhhh!!! ha ha

    I wish I could watch your kids Wed. night- seriously, my kids are so much easier when your kids are here for them to play with! Love you hon!