Tuesday, December 14

Reindeer Cookies {School Safe}

I'm beginning to have to much fun with the challenge of creating fun treats where I can bake or touch any of the food!  

 Here is what I stared with.  Add little individually wrapped candy canes to the pile... I hadn't bought any yet when I started.
 Start with a chocolate circular cookie thing for your base.
 I painted eyes and a smile.  My pen took FOREVER to dry!  I think it would look better with white, but... I had gold!
 Then I drew the middle of the eyes on with a permanent marker.
 For the noses I squirted hot glue on the back.  Blew for about 5 seconds and then stuck it down.
 I hot glued 2 candy canes in a "V" shape and then put hot glue in a "V" down at the bottom part and....
 Stuck my cookie on top!!!!
Here are some reindeer friends hanging out in the berries and christmas stars.  I hope they don't eat my decorations...

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