Wednesday, December 8

Get to Know You Bingo {With STRAWBERRY Ice Cream}

Ok.. You would think that after being a Primary President NOTHING would scare you, but I admit, I was totally nervous about my first night.

When thinking of what to do, I remembered seeing this post around blog land.  I decided to do my own variation of that.  Who can't love someone who lets them eat Ice Cream!  Even if you are forced to make it yourself.  But first... the activity!

I decided to play bingo and ask the girls questions.  The goal was to get to know them a little better.  Play, relax... and earn a topping for the ice cream!  I created some cards and purchased some m&m's for them to cover the spots!
I cut up the questions from the file and just drew them out of a bag!
Click HERE for about 20 different cards.
Click HERE for some Blank Cards you could use for anything!  You would just need to add numbers or pictures.

Ready for the Ice Cream?  OK!!!

I let my little ones do the tester and after 1 broken jar we decided that bags were a batter way to go!  The only thing I would have done different was bring rags for the girls to wrap around them so they wouldn't get cold fingers!  I got all the ingredients in a bags and kept them refrigerated before I left home.
1 Gallon Size Ziploc
1 Quart Size Ziploc
1 Cup Rock Salt
1/2 C Half & Half
1 Tb Sugar
 1 Tsp NesQuik Strawberry Powder

In the Gallon Bag put the Rock Salt and the Quart Bag put the rest of the ingredients.   Zip the Quart bag nice and tight and place inside the Gallon bag.   To make the ice cream I just put 2 gigantic cups of ice in Gallon bag around the Quart bag!


The best part was how excited they were for the ice cream.  The ones that were really excited ended up having to wait for theirs to melt a little before eating it!  Some just ate the m&m's with others held out and put them on the ice cream.   The picture above is the tester we did at home.  They took about 10 minutes.  The one of the right was done with hot chocolate instead of Strawberry powder.  My son likes chocolate... who can blame him!

Very fun first Activity Day.  It made me super excited for the next!

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