Monday, December 6

Operation Secret Service

This was only me second Activity Days, so I decided a little help from those who've been doing it was still in order!  I saw this post by Fickle Pickle on Facebook and LOVED it.  But.. I have this disease.  I felt like since I was using her idea I needed to create my own stuff for it so that I would have done some of the work...  Yeah... I'm crazy.

Since I'm still new I decided to make invitations so girls and parents in the ward would know for sure what night to come and when. For a little pizzaz I decided to print mine and then use a photo editor to flip the image.  This way they would have to read it in the mirror!  The looks on their faces when I handed it to them was priceless.  It took them a while to figure out what was wrong with it.
 Click here for the invitation I created.  You can just write your name in the blank.  
 To start that night I set up the table and scattered chair around the room.  I taped a red star on the door so they would have to find me.  I then hid in and waited!  Above is me and one of the girls!  Below are more hiding pics.  I had to post them cause the girls were so cute!
On the table I had what is shown above.  I started out by asking them questions about Spys.  I said I was activating them for 2 weeks for Operation Secret Service.  I then handed out the packets labeled Top Secret and we went through the papers together.
First in the packet was a summary of the operation.
Second was the contract.  The girls were so funny and saying they needed a lawyer or mom present before they signed something.  I assured them this was NOT a legal contract and only for fun.  Some of them also thought maybe they could sign a different name.  I promised them a payday and that if they signed someone else's name then THAT person would get paid!  Sillies!
Third was a Brainstorming sheet
Fourth was an idea sheet to help them think of things they could do.
Fifth was the motto!  We all read it out-loud.  I told them to be sure and read it as often as possible!
After going through all those I gave them each a Spy Journal to record their deeds.  It was so funny the ooo's and aaaah's and squeals when they saw what was, in reality, regualr printer paper with stapled black card stock and "Spy Journal" written in gold paint pen on the outside.  By this point to them it was an ACTUAL Spy Journal.  So cute.
Last by not least I gave them all a pair of spy sun glasses.  I got them at the Dollar Tree for a dollar each. I was shocked I found the same glasses the girl from Tickle Pickle found!  It really helped the girls get more into character!

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