Sunday, January 30

Heart Jewelry Hangers

These were actually a Christmas gift for my neices, but I decided to hold off on the post until Valentine's Day!  Plus... If I posted it before hand their mommy would see!  My mom always said, "If you see what your present is, I take it back!"  LOL  Maybe I should have posted it, but I could have kept them!

Sorry about the yucky pic right here.  I took it with my phone so I show my mom a before.  My brain is blonde.  I thought I had taken one with my camera too, but apperantly not!  I got these at the thrift store.  The little one was .25.  I had this originally to make one of these for my daughter, but... It matched what I wanted to make them so well I decided to add it to their gift!  The bigger shelve was a pricey 3.00!  LOL
First I removed the shelf and random knob from the bigger one.  Then lightly sanded both.  I then used some black craft paint and covered the back and edges of both.
I picked one piece of scrapbook paper per heart.  To cut them to size I placed my paper on top of the heart.  I ran my finger along the edge where the paper would be cut to fold it over, creating a slight fold where I could see to cut!
Here is the first one cut!
I then rubbed the edges of the paper along a black ink pad.  (I had a pic, but it didn't turn out...)  Then I put a good layer of Mod Podge on the surface where the paper would lay and another layer.  I put another coat on the top to seal it and let dry for a few hours.
Then I picked out random black buttons from my stash and decided where I would put the knobs to drape jewelry.
I had these nice wooden beads.  Several I painted black for a different project but ended up not using them.
I put the beads where I wanted and dripped 2 dots of Gorilla Glue down the hole.  I then draped wax paper over the top and put a big book over top for pressure.
 After an hour I put Gorilla glue around the rim of the bead on the top and placed a button on top of that!  I then used the same wax paper and books for pressure.  Half an hour later I came back to see my horribly expanded Gorilla Glue... Rggg!!  See the unsightly white glue?  Well...  
I simply painted that black and covered it with another layer of Mod Podge!  Can hardly tell right?

See!  Turned out cute!  The true test came when I left them drying a little to close to the edge of my table while loading the dishwasher.
   My kind 1-year-old decided to grab this larger one and carry it to my by the middle button of the middle heart!  I'm happy to say that it held fast!  Isn't Gorilla Glue a miracle!

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