Saturday, January 22

Pteranodon's Ptrouble

I think perhaps we had to much fun with lunch this day, but.... who cares!  lol

Start by making whatever type of sandwich you like and cut like...
I then added a chocolate chip for an eye and Brocciflour for the trees.  His random horn was the part from his mouth.
To create his teeth I slice up an apple and then used my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter to create the wave on the top.  I just slipped these inside the sandwich.
To create the Pteranadon I used 2 slices of apple and a fruit by the foot.
Here is the story.  Pteranodon thought it was a beautiful day to fly over lake Ranch when.....  RRRAAAAWWWRRRRR!  A gigantic Carnotaurus bursts out of the nearby trees.  In order to help him my son first took away the mean dino's cover.  (Yes... he is weird.  Eating the Broccilflower first?)  Then he ate the horn and teeth and eye.   Then he was nice!  lol  Funny boy.

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  1. That is SO cute that he made him a nice dinosaur!! Yes, you had way too much fun with lunch. Love it.