Sunday, January 23

Pollyanna Activity

This past sunday I had some silly kids looking on the downside.  While it happened to be NONE happened to be girls from Activity Days I still felt impressed to do an activity on happiness!  I feel that it is large part a choice to be happy.  And so... The Pollyanna Activity was born!

I started by setting the chairs in a circle and having a Reader's Theatre Activity.  I adapted this skit from this story in The Friend.  Click HERE to download the skit "Never Happy Hailey."  It was a sweet silly intro.  Perfect to grab their attention and get everyone involved.  I highlighted the parts before hand so it was easier to read.

I was shocked that NONE of the girls had ever seen the movie Pollyanna!  I mean... come on parents!  LOL  I made them all promise to pester their parents to rent it.  After that we watched this clip off YouTube on my laptop!  If you would rather download it to a DVD and play it on a TV then I always use

All around the room had I scriptures posted on bright yellow paper.  I had them each pull one and we talked about why I would choose that as a happy scripture.  Click here to download My Wall Scriptures.  At the end of this document is a list of happy words and scriptures.  I did a search on and found how many times each word was in the standard works.  I had them do the math!  Silly me!

Very last I had them all make a "Best of My Days" from this blog.  I loved this idea so much that I made one for each of my the ladies I visit teach!  What a fantastic way to stay positive!   I created a copy of this for everyone.  I brought fun scissors and made them all cut them out and tie them together with pretty ribbon.

The girls had more fun than I thought!  This would also make a GREAT Family Home Evening.  Very uplifting activity!  I wish I had a copy of Pollyanna!

Downloads and Links for this Activity
Never Happy Hailey Skit
The Glad Game Video Link
Happy Wall Scriptures
"Best of My Days" Blog Link


  1. The Shirley's need some more "polyanna moments" at our house..thanks for the post. Now will you please stop being so so dang chipper and happy all the time so the rest of us can stop feeling so inadequate. :)

  2. That is a truly awesome idea! You are so super creative!! The girls are luck to have you as a leader.