Monday, January 24

Mission President's Daughter

WARNING: I am a total novice on how to share downloadable songs.  If the link doesn't work PLEASE email me!

My brother is on a mission in Jacksonville Florida for our church.   I am always looking for fun things to send him.  Well, he requested some good music to listen too.  Some how the crazy music man ended up there with no tunes.  Seriously... he has about every song imaginable on his computer at home.  Anyways,  along with the classics, Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD's, I decided to write a little something of my own!  That being said... if you aren't LDS or have been on a mission, this song probably won't be funny to you.  Sorry!

I'm not the best music synthesizer/recorder/mixer lady.  But...  I did write the words and get it done!  My in-laws are ALSO on a mission, but we can't mail them anything because of their location!  The file was to large to email.  Rggg!!  I wrote this before Halloween and I'm not sure why I never thought to try and share it on here!  Silly me!

It is sung to the tune and music from Rodney Atkins "Farmer's Daughter".  I DID NOT write the tune, music or any of that stuff that could make me get sued.  LOL  I simple wrote the lyrics and sang we along like Karaoke!

Here is a download for the lyrics to "Mission President's Daughter".
(The link will take you to an external site.  Scroll down from there and the button to download is below.  It only has a certain number of downloads so... PLEASE email me if it doesn't work!)

I did the back up vocals (not that great) and my hubby did the main vocals.   He is amazing!  Just remember this was meant to be a silly and fun gift,  NOT an amazing recording with vocals that will blow your mind!  lol  We had fun.

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