Tuesday, January 25

Princess Eye Patch

My daughter found this in my pile of redo stuff.  It came of a pair of her pants that got serious holes in the knees.  I was going to add it to a shirt or something cause the embellishment was to cute to toss!  She pick it up and immediately put it over her eyes!

     "Mommy!  This would make a perfect Sleeping Princess Eye Patch!"

     I cracked up, "Yes it would Babygirl!"

     "Can you make me one right now?"

Well... it was clothing repair day at our house... so... why not add something fun to the pile?  I've decided that my kiddos ARE spoiled, but in a thrifty way!  Right?
First I pinned it to the bottom of a pink shirt that was in my refashion pile.  The front had stains to bad to donate.
 Then I zig zag stitched around it like a mad woman!
 Then I folded the patch in half and the shirt along with it...  I lined up the seams... sorta.  Does that make sense?
Then I cut to make a strap for around the back of her head. 
Here I trimmed up the eye area of the patch with scissors. 
Then I got some skinny elastic and used a straight stitch to sew it down.  When sewing I made sure the shirt fabric was going it normal and I pulled the elastic hard as I could without cause my machine to skip!  lol
That made a ruffle along the back and made it fit her head!  I used a small shirt, so if you use different fabric them you would probably want to measure.
She has slept with her Princess Eye Patch for a week now!  Here she is at our "sleep over" in the living room!

Total Price:  FREE!
This was made completely with worn clothing!

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