Sunday, February 27

Apostle Handout

Today's lesson was on Apostles.  Part of the lesson asks us to show a picture of the current First Presidency and 12 Apostles.  I knew our library would only have one copy and I wanted to download a list of their names anyway.  We usually finish early (is it just me or do the New Testament lessons seem shorter than the Old Testament?)  Anyways.  I create a little handout for the kids.  I couldn't help myself.

I pulled the image off the online issue of Ensign from the past Conference.  The lesson also has us recite the 6th Article of Faith, so I put that on the back!

First download and print The Apostle Card.
Then download and print the 6th Article of Faith Card onto contrasting paper.
I cut the Article of Faith slightly larger than the Apostle Card.
Then... I laminated them!  I cheat.  I have a machine I got for Christmas.  
Click the linked words above to download the files.

I suppose you could take the easy and cheap way and just print them front and back on some good card-stock, but... I know the kids in my class and I wanted these to last at least a week?  Bwah ha ha ha!  I love them!

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