Thursday, February 10

Capri Sun Belt

I think that the cold weather is getting me into gear for summer all ready!  I would say this is more of a summer project... but cause of the colors, but...  It's fun and cute and she LOVES wearing it to school!  Perhaps your kiddo hasn't quit grown into those pants your bought at the beginning of the year as fast as you hoped?  LOL

 I started with about 10 Capri Sun packets.  I cut the tops off and washed them out with soap and water!
 Then, one by one, I set them with picture side facing and the top end of one touching the bottom end of the other.  I sewed a straight line and trimmed the end so it would be straight.
 Here is what it should look like what you open it up.  Sew all of your packets end to end this way until you have a long line!
 Next I bought a belt from the thrift store for a quarter.  I measured it's width and cut some fabric and my packet strip the same length.  The width of my fabric is slightly wider than my packet strip.
Next I folded the packet strip in so the sides just overlapped the middle.  and taped it shut.  I wanted it's folded width to be slightly smaller than the width of the original belt.  The fabric strip also got folded so the sides overlapped the middle a bit.  It got iron and sewn straigth down the middle.  It's finished width is the same as the original belt.
 Next I laid the ends of my two strips with right sides facing.  The blue strip got folded once and then I sewed them together.  Notice the tiny hole in my masking tape?  That is where the buckle... "tongue"  will go.  It is ONLY through the Capri Sun Packet strip.
Then I flipped my strips so their wrong sides were touching and slid then buckle down so I could put the tongue in the right place!
Then I started sewing the two together using a Zig-Zag stitch.  I started as close to the buckle as my machine would allow and sewed them for about 2 inches.  Then I stuck in the belt loop.  You can see it in the pic below.
After sewing the belt loop down I started ruffling the fabric underneath and kept on Zig-Zagging and ruffling as I went.
At the end I rounded the tip of the packet strip and kept on ruffling!  At this point the blue strip ended so instead of leaving the tip blank I folded the tips to meet so that the ruffle would go all the way around.
When I got the the belt loop on the other side I stitched until I was about to run over the loop and stopped.  Then I cut my thread, picked up my needle and slide the loop to the other side.  Then I started stitching again until I got stuck at the loop!

It's kinda hard to see the eyelets, but I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in the belt and squashed eyelets into it so the tongue had a place to go!  I have been amazed at how much I have used my Crop-A-Dile for things other than scrapbooking!  And she loves it!
She had way to much fun wearing it around the house and then to school the next day... and the next... and the next...  You get the point!  I'm making her another one now!  LOL

Total Cost: $2.25
Capri Sun- 2.00
Thrift Store- Belt .25
Fabric- I used scraps.

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