Saturday, February 12

"If I Listen With My Heart" Activity Day

Since I painstakingly figured out a Heart Yo-Yo pattern I decided to take it to Activity Days and teach my girlies!  They have been asking to make hair pretties so...  I will admit that this Activity was totally based around the craft, not the other way around!

First I print THIS scripture out, cut it into the shape of a heart and taped it to the wall.

I used THIS article from the Friend to start.  It is about the new song we are learning this month in primary.  It's called "If I Listen With My Heart".  It really is beautiful!  You should hear the kids singing it!  I did as it instructed and had them find the 3 ways the song says we can hear the Savior's voice.

Then I had them all close their eyes and sprayed some apple scented Air Freshener into the air.  I had them all guess the scent.  It was funny because one girl would guess a scent and automatically everyone would agree with her until I said,  "Nope!  Guess again!"  I think they had about 4 guesses in when a girl walked in late and said, "Why does it smell like apples in here?"  LOL  I then talked about that is how the Hold Ghost works.  In out minds we think, "I know this answer." or "I really shouldn't go to this place."  We aren't sure why until the right voice, the Holy Ghost spirit, touches our hearts and tells us what we knew all along.

Then I had them play "Holy Ghost" Says.  The girl who was It was the "Holy Ghost".  You have to try your hardest to listen to the Holy Ghost sometimes.  During the game I started playing some music on my cell.  The I had the girls twin come up and start shouting instructions too!  Then I started shouting instructions and soon everyone was out!  Didn't take long once the twin got up there.   I then had everyone talk about different things we can do to make it easier to hear the Holy Ghost.  Like... Reading your Scriptures and Praying, as in the song!  LOL

We ended with the above scripture again and made Heart Yo-Yo Hair Clips!
"Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart”  D & C 8:2

See...  MIND+HEART=Heart Hair Clips!  
I pre-threaded several needles so I wouldn't have to do that there.  I made the threads long so I could trim and knot instead of re-thread everything.   I also cut out all the hearts before hand.  For the girls that were having a harder time I had them skip the "folding over-hemming" portion of the Heart Yo-Yo.  I figured it would stay because we were hot gluing gigantic jewels to them!  LOL  To create their hearts I had them practice on cheap broad cloth.  After they did one of those I had prettier Heart Candy fabric.  They turned out so cute!  It was fun to see the girls all do something different with the same fabrics and pattern.
Click HERE to download my Heart Yo-Yo pattern OR Click HERE to see my Heart Yo-Yo tutorial.

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