Friday, February 18

Hey Peanut Butter

Here is another song inspired by my little bro who is on a mission for our church.  In one email he sent he wrote about missionary budgeting and food skills.   He says,

"I bought a bunch of ramen noodles from walmart for like, 2 bucks, thinking i wouldnt' mind eating them for the next 2 years, which might be true, but if I eat more than 1 package a day it gets nasty fast... Peanut Butter and Jelly on the other hand. I can't get enough!! :P"

And so this song was born.  Now... I must stress that I am NOT a suprano nor a superb singer by any means.  However...  I wrote it and the song was good enough for my hubby and kiddos so... good enough for me!  Also.. I bought a mic for my computer which made it MUCH easier to record than the last one.  We are actually thinking of re-recording Mission President's Daughter because the sound quality is so much better on this song!

It is sung to the tune and music from Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah".  I DID NOT write the tune, music or any of that other stuff that could make me get sued that needs to be said.  LOL  I simply wrote the lyrics and sang along like Karaoke!  Also... please don' use my music for anything, other than your own listening enjoyment, without my permission.

Here is a download for the lyrics to "Hey Peanut Butter"
(The link will take you to an external site.  Scroll down from there and the button to download is BELOW.  It only has a certain number of downloads so... PLEASE email me if it doesn't work!)

Just remember this was meant to be a silly and fun gift,  NOT an amazing recording with vocals that will blow your mind!  lol  We had fun.

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