Sunday, February 13

Fruit Snack Printable Valentine's

Okay... I will admit to procrastinating on the class Valentine's, which means I'm even later in posting my idea to the blog!  Rgg...  Good news is that most people with kiddos have fruit snacks in the house!  So... this is a good idea if you planned it OR if you are in a last minute bind!

I found a gigantic box of fruit snacks at the grocery store.  It was 3 bucks and had enough for BOTH my kids to take some to everyone in their class!  So.. I went home and created an easy cheesy topper for the snacks!  They say, "I'll be there for you in a SNACK!"  LOL...  
There are 8 per page.
HERE is the download for the Girl ones.
HERE is the download for the Boy ones.
I printed them on plain 'ole construction paper that I cut down to size.
To cute them our I first folded the paper.
THEN I used cool scissors to cut them out so the bottoms would be even.
 I had the kids write their names near their picture before stapling them to the top of the snacks.
Easy Cheesy and CHEAP!  LOL