Wednesday, February 16

Pot 'O Gold I SPY

 To start you will need 1 small jar, 1 jar gold glitter, and 3 jewels of each color of the rainbow.  1 needs to be smaller and the other 2 need to match in shape.
Hot glue together the matching jewels so you will have colors front and back.  I let the glue ooze out the side and then used my nail to scrap off the edges while it was still drying.  Amazingly... I never burned myself!
 Then dump all your gold glitter and your matched jewels into your little jar.  I filled my jar about 3/4 full with glitter.
 Then I snipped a corner off a used dryer sheet, hooked it on the rim of the jar and tightened the lid.  Then I rolled the glitter around to help remove the static.  Otherwise my glitter stuck to the jewels so bad I couldn't see them!  Rgg...  Then I unscrewed the lid and carefully removed the dryer sheet piece.
 Then I took the rest of the dryer sheet and laid it over the jar's opening.  I put hot glue on the rim of the lid and squarshed it on there.  Yes... squarshing is the technical term.  I added the extra dryer sheet layer because I was paranoid...
 Then I screwed the rest of the lid on and trimmed the excess dryer sheet.
 Then I took scrap fabric and placed it over the lid, securing it with a rubber band.
 Every few spots I lifted the fabric and put at TINY dot of hot glue beneath the rubber band.
Then I trimmed my fabric and cut some ribbon to size. 
I put a tiny band of hot glue around  where I wanted the ribbon to lay.   I quickly tied one ribbon down to secure the fabric.
 Then I put a dot of over the knot and tied my other 2 ribbons with it in a double knot.  Notice the purple jewel showing? 
Then I lined my smaller jewels on top of the jar and hot glued them down.  Now your kiddo knows what colors to look for!
How about green?  Found it!
Turned out cute right!  This is a great way to teach colors and patterns.  Make your kiddo find the colors in order. Have them find the color in the jar and then around your house!  We love to play I Spy!  One of our favorite games!  We aren't Irish, but... St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite's to celebrate too!

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