Tuesday, February 15

The School Dress

This past week I bought my daughter a pack of cute tights at the Thrift Store, 5 pair for 3 bucks!  They were to cute to pass up!  In my defense I wasn't there shopping.  I was there putting things in consignment, but the thrift store here is a scary place to go.  I swear it's worse than Target or Michael's.  I ALWAYS find something I need.  Anyways...  In the pack were these cute teal tights, but she had nothing to match!  (Not in my head anyways.)   I have had this Maternity shirt in my refashion pile for a while.  I wanted to turn it into something for me, but it was just to perfect for those tights!  lol  

Aurora has dubbed this dress her "School Dress".
 Here is said shirt.  Cute, but I didn't wear it for my last pregnancy, I guess I was done with it after wearing it for the first two.  Time to move on shirt!
 I started by folding it in half and placing one of her dresses on top to measure for width and length.
 I cut it kinda like this.  I also cut off the sleeves and made them a little smaller.  I just followed the original sleeve lines.
 I then placed the shirt open, right side up and put the sleeves right side down, pinned and sewed.
 After the sleeve were in place I turned the whole shirt inside out and sewed up the sides to the pits and out the arms.
 Then I added a denim band for a belt-like look.  The denim came from some pants I made here that had holes on the front!
 The I took what was left of the bottom of the shit and just pinned and folded it until it fit!  So easy.  There was a button along the shirt right where I wanted to cut.  I added it to the very bottom to keep the dress more closed.
 OK... I know her tights aren't the teal ones I was talking about, but...  we couldn't stinkin find em!!!  Rgg... I looked everywhere!  So...  denim color strip tights it was.  
She is sooo a tights and dresses girl or... leggins and skirts.

Total Cost: FREE!
Unless... you count the 3 dollar tights that inspired the dress.  But... TECHNICALLY I didn't need them to make the dress so... quit bein' so dang picky!


  1. That is sooo cute! I consider it free! The dress didn't have any extra cost to make. You used things you all ready had!

  2. SO cute! Aurora is a great model too.