Monday, May 2

The Easy Bow Tie

My Mother-In-Law brought back this fabric from Jamaica and wanted me to create dresses for all the Granddaughters.  (Tutorial HERE.)  I knew I would have extra so I proposed Bow-Ties for the boys.  Who would say no right!
 First I cut 5 rectangles and ironed them to some fusible interfacing.  This fabric was very flowy...
 Then I folded them in thirds like so.  (Pictured is the back.)
 Then I folded them in half, with right sides facing,  and sewed a straight stitch at the tips.
 Flipped them right side out.
 I had been saving the scraps from the Mu-Mu's I made for the girls.  I rolled up some and tied them around the middle of the loops.  I just shoved the ends back under the knot with a pencil.
Then I measured some elastic.  My son is the oldest, so I assumed he would have the biggest neck...
 Then I threaded it under the knot.
 I doubled knotted the ends and slid the knot under the... bigget knot?  lol
 Isn't he handsome!  I love my Tyton.
Here are all the Grandkids with Grandma and Papa Herbert in their things I made!  It's a little crazy in this house with 8 kids under 6!!

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