Wednesday, May 25

Golfer's Tie Rack

Here is ANOTHER post of a craft I created as a Christmas gift!  I love this one!  Remember this?
It's from the Heart Jewelry Hanger post.  I took the shelve off the larger hearts and I ended up using it here!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE recycling!
 First I gathered some supplies.  Two scrapbook papers I liked and some ribbon.
 This is a picture of how I cut the corners on the paper.  It made it lay a little better than if I just Mod Podged the crap our of it!
Here it is drying.  Looks amazing so far right?  Just wait... it gets better.  This was the perfect gift for my daddy!
 I then sanded the tips of some golf tees.
And use a TINY bit of Gorilla Glue to stick them into pre-drilled holes in the board.
Next I Gorilla Glued Golf Balls to the tops of the tees!!!
Here it is!  What do yeah think?  Pretty awesome right?  Well.. take a look at the price!

Total cost: Free
Base - Scrap from another project
Paper - From my stash
Tees - From a friend
Golf Balls - Stolen from my sisters basket of a bazillion random golf balls!  LOL

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