Friday, September 9

Qan't Quit Quilting!!

Ok..  I'm sure most of you have notice a pretty long absence in my blogging.  This has been for several lazy reasons!  We moved to Texas while my hubby is in a training in Florida, I visited Idaho with my parents for about 2 weeks for 2 different weddings, then I visited my hubby in Florida, then my parents decided to move while we are here living with them and when I have free time I have been taking care of kids and working for my dad doing some of his billing!  LOL  (Free time... taking care of kids...  I am hilarious...)  Anyways...  I took a few snaps to let you know I haven't been completely out of my crafting mind.

For some ridiculous reason I decided I needed to create a scrappy hexagon quilt.  For those of you who may not know.... you hand stitch the entire quilt.  So... I decided to shoe you first the quilt that will be finished last!
 Then, my mom, sister and I have decided to participate in the first annual Quilt Across Texas!  Moda has created a beautiful line of Texas fabric for the event.  There are prizes for visiting a certain amount of shops in each region.  I decided to collect a half yard of 2 30-40's reproductions at each store.  Above is a picture of my loot!  I may have to collect something different for the next several stores.
 My mom and I also discovered  We have joined a few fabric swaps.  You send in fabric and they trade it with others so you get lots of different ones back.  Pictured above left is some of the loot from a "Blue" Swap...  I sent in about 12 squares of 6 different blue fabrics and got them all traded out for different ones!  Pictured left is my choice for a "Food Fabric" swap.  I have had an idea for a couple different I Spy quilts so the swapping is PERFECT for that! 
 Here is some fabric I chose for a Stack-N-Whack Quilt.
 After seeing this pattern in a swap on the Quilting Board my mom, 3 of my Aunts, my sister and I decided we should make it and swap between ourselves!  We started a facebook group for the few of us to share ideas and above is my first of three in our Leave Sisters Swap.  They will each get one of this!
 This is what I have been spending alot of my sewing time on.  Before you get to impressed...  It is the HoopSister's Mystery quilt.  HoopSister's create "In The Hoop" Quilts.  Pretty much you just lay your fabric under the machine and it quilts and sews the fabric right to the batting and backing!  They are soooo easy and amazing!  If you have an machine that does embroidery to I highly recommend their stuff.  Geniuses the women. HERE is a video of what their stuff does in action.
Here is the back of the quilt...  It is ALMOST finished.  I ran out of light yellow for binding, but...  it's just that and then the border and DONE!  I will post a picture soon!

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