Monday, September 12

Shoe Upcycle and... Refitting!

"The 3rd Ward Scissor Shoes"
You will see why later...
I found these shoes at the thrift store for 2 bucks!  Funny cause I have always wanted rope heeled shoes, but could never really find some I LOVED.  Notice they are slightly to big for me.  They flop off just enough and go in enough at the heel that when my heel slipped out it would crunch down on the back.  Not so fun to wear.  Yet...!!

 So...  See this lovely bag.  It has been in my stash for a while.  I inherited from a friend in a pile of fabric and patterns.   I didn't really noticed anything besides the awesome pattern!  I knew I had to keep it for something special.  That something special ended up being these shoes!
 I simply cut open the bag and drapped the fabric over the shoes.  It was just long enough that it would fit over the top and wrap around the back!  Pinned everything in place to be sure it was a snug fit.
After pinning into place I cut the fabric a little more to size. 
 To fix the slipping off problem I got some long blue ribbon and folded it in half.  I slipped it in as close to the top in the back of the heel as I could get.  I slipped it in at the angle shown by the pin.  I then pinned it into place beneath the fabric.
 Then I used a hidden stiched and closed the back up by hand, sewing through the ribbon where I needed.   (A little duh, but...  I did this on BOTH shoes.)  There is a great TUTORIAL HERE at Quilt Taffy on how to do a hidden stitch.
 Then I worked on the inside edges.  I folded the sides under themselves, pinned them into place.  Again I used that hidden stitch to sew the fabric, but this time I stitched them to the actual shoe!  Scary and seriously... a pain, but it worked out with a little force!
After that was done I folded under the bottom rim of the fabric and again... used a hidden stitch!  This time I have to cheat and sew right to the rope part.  It gave a little better and was glued down pretty good.
Here you should be able to see why I have named them my "3rd Ward Scissor Shoes."  I noticed AFTER I cut them up that they said "RC 3rd Ward Scissors" on them.  I decided to leave it.  You can't really see it and...  I love the Rapid City 3rd Ward.
 My daughter took these... yes they are photo shopped to be straight, but she did pretty good!
 Side view!   I love them.

Total Cost:  $2.00
Shoes - $2.00 from the Thrift Store
Fabric - Free from a Friend!

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