Tuesday, December 6

Lesson 41 Printable

OK...  call me lazy, but I didn't draw anything creative this week for my lesson.  I have a CD of fun printable that goes along with the lesson and I cheated and use that!  Turns out it was ok, because I spent this sunday at home with my sick little girl!  I was so sad I wasn't there because it was fast sunday!  The lesson went right along with it.  Plus, I LOVE listening to everyone's testimony!  What a great way for me to get to know the people in the ward right?

Anywas... My plan was to follow the lesson as usual and I did create an easy printable for you.  The lesson this week was #41 in the manual.  It was on Fasting and Part of the lesson had the kids pull specific questions out of a bag.  Pretty much just to help keep their attention.  My printable is just the questions for you to print out so you don't have to write them!   I had it all prepped so I sent my book, printed coloring sheet and my precut strips with my hubby to give to the sub I found! Yeah last minute subs!!!

CLICK HERE for the printable!

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