Tuesday, December 13

Snowflake Tortillas

My kids are big fans of buttered tortillas as a snack. This morning I figured they eat crepes with butter and sugar so... Why not tortillas! Then I just had to put a snowy twist to them!

These are super simple. To start you will need soft tortillas. If yours are not soft enough to fold without breaking you can nuke them in the microwave for for a couple seconds first.
Then you are going to want to fold one in half...
Then in thirds...
By this point you will have a nice little triangle thing.
You will need some good sharp kitchen scissors to cut it into a snowflake! I had a tough time making curves... Maybe I'd it wasn't folded as much?
The toss it in a heated and buttered pan to crisp it a bit.
And plop it on a plate... And sprinkle with yummy sugar!
My kids loved breakfast!  Lol.  I served it with strawberries and pears because... I had them!

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