Thursday, January 5

Penguin Cupcake School Snacks

How lucky am I that National Bird Day fell on the same day that Aurora was scheduled to provide snacks for the class AND that I had already decided to make penguins!!!
Now...  I am going to show you how I did these, but...  I was rushed an not thinking clearly.  After walking home from taking the kids to school (of course having already finished mine..) I thought of a MUCH easier way to make these.  So...  Take a look at my way if you like.  Creating them wasn't as hard as it seems, but....  I made a PRINTABLE FOR YOU!  Much easier... wish I had made it for me!  
Here are the supplies I used.  If you use my printable you won't need the paints or the brown paper, but... you will need everything else and...
See... me... I painted eyes and noses onto circles I drew from the bottom of a cup...
Then I used a sharpie to finish the eyes before cutting them out!
I used a 1 inche hoel punch for the feet.  I cut 2 circles for each cupcake.
Then I stuck half a photo mounting sticker to the back of each...
After applying them to the bottom portion of the cupcake I used some fun scissors to make the toes! (The hardest part of this was when the white swirly frosting wasn't lined up AT ALL!  Crooked like picture above was fine by me but the diagonal ones were a pain to move the cupcake without opening the wrapper!)
After sticking the feet on I used a full mounting sticker for each penguin head.
I ended up carefully giving each penguin a bow tie as a finishing touch.  Super cute right!  Wintery, but not christmasy, because it isn't christmas anymore..  :(  AND they were perfect for National Bird Day right!

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