Saturday, January 7

Super Easy Half Square I Spy Quilt

I am having do much fun making I Spy Quilts with all the novelty fabric I have been collecting! My mom and I joined a site called The Quilting Board. There are s couple different things on there. Picture sharing, Quilt ideas, chat groups... But my favorite spot is the Swap Section! Each swap has a theme. Some of them have you create several of the same block and then mail them into one person who swaps them around and mails them back to you. I like the fabric swaps! It is a great way to get fabric for a scrappy quilt and try out fabrics that I would never buy myself! (I have a new obsession with orange... I have decided that is a totally under appreciated fabric color!)

Anyways... One of the groups we joined is a 6.5 inch novelty fabric swap. Every month there is a different theme: Food, Wild Things, Love... As a result I have a fabulous collection of novelty prints!

Making an I Spy Quilt can be super easy. You don't need a crazy pattern because the prints are always out there!  This looks like strategically placed half square triangles right? Well.. I suppose it is, but... it was MUCH simpler than it appears!
This first step simply takes a bit of fabric sorting.  I made 4 sections.  Each 4 x 5 and made of 6.5 inch squares and each with a color pallet.  I did Red/Pink, Black Background, Purples, and Blue/Greens.  See pics below.
This next part can get trick.  I really only flipped the corners I did because I was trying to spread the colors.  If you get lost, just cut corners and switch them around.
I took the top right corners of the top right and bottom left section and swapped them.  
Then I took the top left corners of the top left and bottom right sections and swapped them.
Then I cut the inside corners of both top sections and the outside corners of both bottom sections.   I swapped the top corners with the bottom corners straight up and down.
If that confused you as much as it did me, then see the picture below!  As you can see I sewed all the sections together and then used lighter colors for a border!
Here is my husband attempting to ruin the picture when in reality he is simply admitting that the pink teddy bears and pink bumble bees are his fav!  lol

And done!  I backed it in swirly purple flannel.  It was SO FAST!  I can't wait to do another one.
Here is my sweet neice Taeli.  I'm thinkin she likes it!  All ready to play I Spy!

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