Tuesday, April 24

Fall Leaves Sisters Quilt

Back in September and October of LAST YEAR my mom, my sister and 3 of my Aunts did something fun!  My mom had found this pattern for a Fall Leave Quilt Square.  I love the look of scrappy quilts so we decided to trade!  Each of us made 6 of 3 different blocks and then we swapped!  I just wanted to share how pretty it turned out!  Sure... it's summer and it took me that long to finish, but...  Look how pretty!
Here is a full shot of the front.  All the squares were 12 x 12.  It fits just barely on top of my queen size bed without going over the edges.  I would have liked it bigger, but...  those leaves were a pain in the butt!
I machine quilted the squares individually.  That one in the middle is my first attempt at free motion!  I did ok if you ask me!  All the others I used a fancy stitch around the leave shape.  I used a darker colored thread so that it would show on the light flannel background!
My mom embroidered this square to add to the quilt!  Cute right?  It's the one I free motioned cause it was different from all the others.
We all have fancy machines so we stitched our names on the stems!  This quilt is all us!
The pattern we used for the blocks is linked HERE!  Great pattern.  Super fun time.

Thank you Aunties, Mommy and Sissy!  Fun project.  Maybe now that it is summer I will do a Christmas Quilt...  LOL

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