Tuesday, May 8

Candyland Spelling Practice

I enjoy finding new ways for my daughter to practice spelling.  I think because I was never a huge fan of homework...  seriously... who is right.  
Anyways!  We got this game for christmas.  I didn't want to ruin the cards that came with it so I made new Candyland ones!  Then I laminated them and wrote her spelling words on them with an Expo marker!  YEah...  they have to be a little careful while playing but still! Fun right?  
In order to move the first had to read the word, then spell twice to drill it into their little skulls, then read it again!  We had so much playing!

So if you would like to download your own blank cards just click the links below!
Blank Candyland Cards (NEW Version)
Blank Candyland Cards (OLD Version)


  1. This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Thank you! I am so excited to use these in my special education classroom!

    1. You are sooo welcome! I am very happy to help!

  3. You can use a Sharpie and the remove it with rubbing alcohol. :)

  4. this is amazing, now I can make differentiated candy lands for my first graders. thanks so much for sharing!

  5. This is wonderful. I was able to buy a Candyland game for only $3 this Christmas. Your blank cards will go to very good use.

  6. Thank you so much!!! These cards will help me create math and french centres for my students. Very much appreciated!

  7. I just came across your post from Pinterest! These are perfect for so many things! Thank you for creating and sharing these. We plan to use them for sight words and math!