Monday, May 7

My Weakness...

Yes.  It is true I have a weakness.  I do great grocery shopping.   I make a meal plan and then a list and buy pretty much just what I need.  I do even more awesome REAL shopping.  You know... the kind where you get to buy shoes and clothes.  You see...  I don't!  Unless I happen to be with my mommy and sisters on vacation and then...  yeah.  I am married with kids and a spoiled brat!  My parents still love me!  The only time I seem to do real shopping is if my kids need clothes or shoes and then I always hit the Consignment shop in base first!  I figure...  I will abuse the privilege before my kids are old enough to care what brand they wear.

Anyways...  It seems that every person has a shopping weakness.  That one thing that, even though you don't need it, you HAVE to buy.  I wish I could say that my shopping weakness is shoes.  But alas...  it is much more strange than that.

My name is Jessica.  And I am a sandwich cutter addict.
I admit.  The collection above seems small.  But...  my collection is ever more vast than this.  You see...  when putting our things in storage I was worried about keeping out the basics.  Clothes, shoes, and favorite blankets.  A sandwich cutter is a neglected thing.  I feel bad for storing them.  Picture above are the dolphin, star, butterfly, and puzzle cutters I have bought just since we moved here to florida.  My true collection includes:
and Simple Square Crust Remover!
Yes.  I have 10 Sandwich cutters.  Why?  Besides the fact that I have 3 kids and a habit of creating fun random shaped lunches?  Because they are fun! Plus, they are always cheap so I never feel guilty picking them up!

Here are the kids sandwiches from lunch!  See...  so much fun!  They never know what shape they will get!
Will I ever beat this habit?  Probably not for a while.  But it could be a worse habit!

So.  Here is a question for you.  What is your shopping weakness?

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  1. Ooooooh! She squeals with delight! Someone who relates to me in the lunch department.... I actually just purchased my first sandwich cutter (elephants from Wally world in my favorite color)even though my daughter doesn't even eat sandwiches yet. ;)I also scour the web and pinterest for awesome bento-like creative lunch art ideas. Can't wait to start making her some lunches!!