Thursday, May 10

Visiting Teachers Calling Cards

This is one for my fellow LDS friends.  Every month the women in our church (if they want) go out and visit a certain few other women!  Just our way of checking in of each other.  The presidency of the women's group, The Relief Society, in our individual wards decides who we will visit.  Who you visit depends on alot...  where you live, age, but most of all prayer.  Really the idea is to uplift each other with awesome girly companionship.

Every month there is a message we are asked to share with those we visit.  Last month it was on actually on what a visiting teach should do for those she visits!  You know how when you plan a lesson you always learn more than those to whom you are teaching?  I know I learned a ton in this one!  I have never been the best at getting out every month.  

So...  As inspiration and in hopes that those I visit will want to contact me more if they need me, I created these little cards!

FIRST  I usually print out a handout someone else has created.  SpirituallyThinking always has a great collection!  This month I downloaded #20 on her list.  But then I created a little something for them just from me!
Next I made these!  Visiting Teaching calling cards!  They just happen to match the theme this month.  I figured it was a small way for me to be a little more accessible for the ladies!

 The little ones on the left are business card size and underneath the fancy paper towel phone number cover ups... is my name and phone number!  The bigger ones are the same.  After laminating both I stuck a magnet on the bigger ones so my number is EVERYWHERE!!!  lol

Anyways... to download your own blank ones just click the links below!

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