Sunday, May 6

Color Rings I Spy

After finishing my Fall Leaves Sister Quilt I asked my kids what type of quilt I should sew next!  My mom has been helping me collect a TON of fabrics and through swaps on QuiltingBoard I have scrappy collections of so many types of fabrics it would be silly to list them.  Anyways, my daughter says, "Make one for me!"  Our 2 year old them copies and says, "ME me me!"  Then my son Tyton says, "You could make one for Grandma!  Or...  Daddy!  Or...  Aunt Marina.  Baby Taeli would like one too..."  Anyways he named just about everyone under the sun EXCEPT for himself.  So I decided to make one for him!"

He is my kids who whips through I Spy books and puzzles like nothing.  So deciding to make an I Spy quilt came without question!  My hard thing is...  While I love scrappy quilts, I Spy quilts tend to have a TON of colors and I am a crazy person who needs it to somehow match!  When doing the Super Easy HST I Spy for my niece I attempted to use fabrics with certain colors.  I decided to go along with the same thing here, just using a different pattern.
The pattern on this one is easy to see.  I did rings of colors!   I used white in the middle, then a ring of green, then black backgrounds, then blues, that a row of browns that I cut in half because...  I didn't have enough browns!  Made a pretty cute Boyish I Spy!
I found the fuzzy shark fabric at Joann's and used a trusty 50% off coupon!  I figured... it's an I Spy so if can be backed in ANYTHING!  Plus... there weren't any sharks on the front to spy!
I did a simple pattern so it was done in a few days.  I worked on it while he was at school.  I gave it to him one day after school when he had been especially good.  He was so excited!  
He immediately laid it out on the floor and they all played I Spy for about an hour!  Seriously... snuggly fun!

Honestly... the hardest part for me about this quilt was the giant fabric mess I made sorting through fabrics and trimming to get the right colors!  I do keep all the I Spy fabrics in one little bin so it's not to hard and... since most of them are from a swap they are already cut to size.  Gee...  this quilt was not that hard.

Honestly I just wanted to show one way to do a cute I Spy that... matches.  Cause....  I need things to match!

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