Friday, July 27

Pick Your Plum

Welcome to another
Fudge Featured Friday
where I feature a blog or site that is as good a chocolate fudge!

Today I would like to introduce you to Pick Your Plum!
I just had to be sure ALL my readers knew about it.  I now set my alarm clock by it...  (Sheepish grin...)

Who better to explain it than them!
Have you ever glued your fingers together trying to put a project together? Stayed up all night just to finish that last project before your kids wake up? Gussied up your home just so the neighbors could gawk over your detail? Borrowed an idea from the store knowing you can make one too?

We have. We know. Join us.
Get it before your neighbor does:

  • We have limited supplies on some of the most swank supplies. We have agents out in the field who find killer deals on high quality products.
  • We delicately slap prime-o pricing on crafting, clothing, baking supplies, home decor and other fabulous finds.  Stellar pricing.  Cool.
  • We sell it 'til it's gone or 'til time is up.
  • You leave feeling like you just won Martha in a crafting contest.
  • The supplies arrive in 7-8 shipping days and you've just picked your 'plum'! Doesn't it feel good?
Sign up for Instant Alerts so you always know 'The Deal'.  Don't blame us if you overdose. We only sell products we would use ourselves. We enjoy quality.
Their deals vary so keep an open crafting mind while awaiting the deal of the day.  They post once a day starting at 7PM MST.  That would be 8 for me.  It's perfect.  The kids and I are already up, so I usually throw food at them and then rush to the computer to see what my craft brain can do with what they have to offer that day!
  Today it's RUB -ON's at 64% off!  Quick go over and see if there are any left!
 Don't know what you would do with a RUB-ON?  It's cool wait till monday.  They could offer something like this!  
 Or this... seriously kicking myself for NOT getting this one. 
Pretty bags....
They have oodles of crafty supplies.  Sometimes it's stuff that is hard to get too.
I have seen pretty jewelry, custom engraved wooden tags, gaucho pants, fancy bobby pins, headbands w/ precut flowers so you can design yourself!

Seriously...  I can't believe I didn't find these guys sooner!  LOVE THESE LADIES!
So be sure to check EVERY weekday morning!

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