Saturday, July 28

Spin-a-Kid Song Review

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In our church everyone has a "calling" to which they are assigned.  We are set these jobs based on inspiration and need.  My husband and I have both been primary teachers since we moved here.   Usually married couples teach together, but they needed teachers so we separately classes between 4-6 and 8-11 year olds.  When we heard the military was possibly moving us they decided to release one of us so that when we did move they would only need to find one new teacher instead of two.  

So, the ended up releasing me.  Sad day, cause I LOVED my calls.  That and my new calling is going to be a challenging.  You see, our Primary Chorister's husband has moved away for about 6 months trying out a new job.  She stayed here with the kiddos in case it doesn't work out and... she has family here to help her out a ton.   She has a sweet new baby girl who is sometimes is difficult to hold while leading music.  My new calling is....

Drum Roll please....

Holding the Baby!  See... I told you!  Hard right. HA HA HA!  Of course, if she needs to go out to nurse the baby then I will take over and lead the music, so I suppose I am more like her assistant/substitute if her kids happen to be sick.  Which, is exactly what happened two Sunday's ago!

Our primary chorister called to tell me her little boy was sick.  She gave me a list of songs she wanted the kids to review and what verses needed the most work.
Spin-A-Kid Song Review!
I actually got this idea from a leadership training meeting I had a few years ago.  I have been waiting and waiting to use it!  YEAH!
I pulled out a few pieces of plain card-stock and wrote different ways to sing on them.
The idea is to place all these squares facing down on the floor in a circle around a spinning chair.
Then you pick 2 kids, a spinner and a spinee.  
The spinee keeps their feet together and you pick up the square they land on!
Simple, easy fun.

The kids had so much fun!  We ended up putting them in the Primary closet for future use!
The "Big Mouth" is where you sing while opening your mouth as big as you can!
The "One Big Breath" is where you sing for as long as you can with ONE BIG BREATHE!
The rest are pretty self explanatory.

This could be a good one to have on hand for emergencies!!!


  1. such a cute idea, and so simple to prepare. I am a primary chorister as well so I love to find new ideas to try out on the kids. Good luck!

    1. Thank you and I LOVE the printables you created! If anyone wants to see hers just click the link below to see her post!