Thursday, July 26

My Organized Blog Thoughts

Welcome to 
"Thawed-Out" Thursday!
Where the thoughts stuck in my head come spilling out.  Don't step in it.  Might get Jessica on you!  

It has been 2 years and 5 months since I started this blog.  It started by simply wanting to have my own space to catalog my ideas.  Being blonde, having be born with only 2 wisdom teeth and then giving birth to three children has taken it's toll upon my memory.  Now...  If I happened to help or inspire others along the way... that would be a totally awesome added bonus.

Somewhere along the way this blog has become my little baby.  I love to design it.  I love to think of new ideas to share on it.  I attempt to post regularly and come up with lots of different ideas.   I like to sew and write and paint and organize and design and cook and bake and play and cut and paste and dance and fix hair and... everything!  But I have this problem.

My baby seems to never grow!  While I don't expect to become a famous blogger who has tons of advertisers and blog stalkers, I would like my blog to have come a little further than it has.

So I have made a list of Blogging Goals to help me on my quest to provide a better and more interesting blog for you to read!  

My first step...  Provide a simpler and more professional look so you are seeing my POSTS rather than my fancy background paper.  I THINK I have done that.  While I still chose to design the blog myself rather than go with someone professional, I think my little skills at design provided what I can afford.  FREE.  While not perfect it will do!

Second step...  Get organized.  This is a big step with several smaller steps inside.  My new plan has me blogging EVERYDAY in order to provide a constant stream of Jessica information.  In order to blog everyday I decided to make up a schedule with a different theme everyday so you know what to expect!

In general we don't do a whole lot on Sunday besides go to church and hang with the family at the house.  It is our day to relax so my blog will too!
I figure if Chick-Fil-A can observe the sabbath and be a booming business then my blog can too!
As Vernon Dursley in the Sorcerer's Stone once said, "Right you are Harry!  No post on Sundays.  HA!

It's a Pinteresting Monday
Every Monday I will pick a theme and feature 10 interesting ideas I find via Pinterest.

Tummy Tickled Tuesday
Where I try out a new recipe or cooking tip and share it with you!

Whipped-Up Wednesday
Where I share something crafty I just whipped up. (Or took a long time working on, but it will me made by me!)  It could be a sewing tutorial, a quilt, a cleaning tip, a decoration, a printable...  anything goes here.

Thawed-Out Thursday
Where I dump the random thoughts in my head.  I might add a crafty tutorial or printable if it goes along with the thought.  Mostly you can expect thoughts on family life here I bet.  They are what I think about most!

Fudge Featured Friday 
Where I will feature a cool site or blog I found and show a few of the reasons why I love it and you should too!

Sundae Served Saturday  
"Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday!"  I am a member of the LDS church.  Here you will probably find posts related to my various callings as I attempt to fulfill them or anything spiritually related.  To find out more about my church visit

So this is the new Sherbert Cafe line up!  You like?  I hope so!  Write it down and remember what days to find the posts you like most!  I am a poet and didn't know it!  I hope this helps to make my site one that is easier to read.  I have a few more blogging goals in my head.  We will see how they play out!  I love to play!


  1. Great idea - I'm looking forward to seeing what all you come up with. :)

  2. Jessica, Jessica.... I LOVE your blog! And I loved the whole ice cream art look before and missed it today when I popped on to look up some hair tutorials. I didn't know you were still going with this (unless this is from LAST July...I couldn't tell). Anyway, I will add it to my blog list so I can keep up! Heart you!


    1. I kinda loved the ice cream look too, but I was going for a simpler layout. The idea was to feature the posts instead of the cute background. But this is Sherbert Cafe so I try to sorta keep with the theme with the categories!