Wednesday, August 1

Blog Planner Printable

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Today I want to share with you my blog planner printable.  I know not all of you blog AND there are a ton of blog planner printables out there.  But while attempting to take my own blog up a step I just found that none of them were quite what I needed.
So...  of course I had to create my own!
My first pages are two calendars.  The right one is attached to the back cover and the left to a separate piece of cardstock.  Both are laminated so I can use a dry erase marker on them!  After I laminated them I used packing tape to attached them together so they would kinda flip out.  Then I can use the left one as a sort of book marker when I get a few pages into the post pages which are next!

Here are the post pages!    Every idea I have for a post ends up here.  I list the idea, right below is a place for a few notes, in the middle is a column for possible tags, and to the far right are circles to check if I have Facebooked or pinned a post and if it is a giveaway and if the winner has been found yet.  (Notice to the right the blank page?  That is the back of  the calendar page!)
Kinda self explanitory, but here is a page to list different sites that I link to sometimes and a day of the week to circle for whatever day they are hosting a party!
Here is a sheet to list new blogging goals, like... sign up for Twitter or figure out Google+ because... I haven't done either of those things yet.
There are so many different sites that I use to run my blog I decided to create a page where I could keep the different usenames and passwords.
To list different blogs and sites that I like or might want to feature!  I had to print quite a few of these!
To list statistic and monitor growth.
A place to list where I advertise or who advertises with me.  I printed 2 of these.
This is just a random notes page.  Gotta have cute scratch paper right?

 Click on each word below to download and print however many pages you need!

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