Friday, August 3

The Dainty Squid

Welcome to another Fudge Feature Friday at Sherbert Cafe.
This week I want to introduce you to The Dainty Squid!

Kaylah is seems to have all these things going on I wish I had.  
Examples?  Okay then...  I will show you why I seriously stalk her site everyday!
The bravery to color my enter head with fun colors.  
CHECK She does that.
Her site has several Hair Tips and Tricks posts to help your keep vivid colors in your hair.  Those of you who have known me for the past 5 years at least know that I usually some crazy color in my hair.  Recently my craziness has "dyed" down due to me not visiting my hair dresser sister enough.  While my colors are mainly restricted to two strips just behind my ear, this girl goes all out!  I have seen some amazing hair colors and hers combos always turn out so beautiful to me!  I miss my fun hair and found her site when searching for hair color combos to attempt on my own!  Look out hair.  You are about to change!
Fabulously painted nails everyday. 
CHECK She does that.
She does a Weekly Nail post to show off her obsession with polish.  Again... she has me beat here!  I CAN'T seem to keep polish on my nails!  Toes yes.  They MUST never be naked.  But chasing kids around makes if hard for finger polish to stay on.  Forget painting them everyday!  I WISH!
Amazing vintage/thrifty sense of style.
CHECK!  She does that!
Her What I Wore posts show off her cute sense of style.  Most of her clothes are thrift store finds!  Proving that you don't need a big budget to be fashionable!  Now... if only I could stick her in my pocket and take her shopping with me!
Photography sense and skill.
CHECK She does that!
She even has amazing photographer skills!  Seriously...  Just go to The Dainty Squid and click around. The colors in her hair and nails make it worth it for me alone!
Even her Bicycle Makeover is sweet!  It looks so much like my bicycle it is eerie!!  Now I want to paint my rims teal!
This needs no advertisement...  Just yum right?

Kaylah, I want to be like you when I grow up!
So, if you want to check out my new idle head over to Kaylah's site, THE DAINTY SQUID!

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