Saturday, August 4

Printable Book of Mormon Charts

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My mommy was recently made Young Women's President!  Yeah mommy.  She was totally stressed and so I lovingly told her.  "That is the best one because all you have to do is delegate!"  She calls me the next night and says,  "I need some printable Book of Mormon Charts for my girls to color... for tomorrow!"  LOL  That came back to bite me!
Anyways, thought I would share!  The are all 8x11!  The links to download are below each picture AND at the end of the post.

This was their favorite!  Mine too...
This specific chart came when my mom had printed off a ton and my daddy saw them.  He said, "Awe.  Why doesn't she make one for me!"  So I did!  I wasn't sure he would want to decorate it himself so I made this one in color.  He just started raising some chickens and is obsessed.  Just print in black and white if you want to decorate it yourself!  It's is pretty cute!

Here is a list of all of them right in a row so you don't have to scroll through each one.  These could work for anyone!  Maybe...  frame one and use a dry erase marker?  Then you can use the same one over and over again!

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  1. I'M way behind reading the B of M, so I will start backwards some chapters and read the weekly assignments from now on... thank you very much!