Monday, August 20

Traveling with Kids List

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Traveling With Kids!

We have a few road and car trips coming up very soon!  A drive to Texas, then a 6 hour plane to Alaska, then plane back to Texas and drive back to Florida.  The a week later we are driving from Florida to South Dakota to get our coveted junk from storage!  Well... not junk, actually.  It's our entire household goods, but... we won't get into that mess!

Our kids are abnormally good at traveling.  And it's not just because they are military brats!  Last road trip we went on started at 7 AM and they didn't even ask for a movie until 7 PM!   Perhaps part of that reason is that I try to find a new way entertain them each time.  A new fun place to stop and stretch, a fun game... Anyways... here are a few pins that I loved!

at Apartment Therapy

by Prepared Not Scared
I have used the printables from this site MANY times!  We love the Bingo and the Car Color one.

at Crayola

from Martha Stewart

at Chez Beeper Bebe

at Chez Beeper Bebe

by A Girl and A Glue Gun
This has a link to the BEST and easier ISpy Bag I have ever seen!  Why did I never think of this!

by Housing a Forest
Yes and Yes... doing things for car and plane!  Maybe in a 4x6 photo book.

by PolkaDot Print Studio
Seriously... Hilarious and fabulous!  What a great way to break the ice with would-be cranky passengers!


Hope you enjoy!

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