Tuesday, September 25

Cookers Sand

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This weeks recipe is defiantly not edible but will tickle you tummy by way laughter to your ears! 

So my 3 year old grabs my hand and brings me in the kitchen.  Then he gets a chair and pulls it up to the counter so he could see and says, "Mommy!  Lets make something!"  After searching my parents house, we are visiting, for a cookie or cake mix I remember something my friend posted to Facebook.  We had so much fun that we had to share!  

This is technically knock off Moon Sand, but my baby kept calling it Cookers Sand!  I guess because he wanted to cook and it is made with mostly flour?
I must warn you that this is more of an outside fun.  Or inside with a large bin and a towel under you and... your house.    
Start by adding 7 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of baby oil to a bowl.  I had him do the counting and measuring so that tells you how strict this rule is!  We used a spoon to stir it up at the beginning then took it outside.

Next we mixed by hand!
Add more oil if it isn't wet enough.

A good test would be to make a ball and if it holds... DONE!

Yes... the boy is in his undies!  This is a lot like playing in actual sand and we didn't have a large tub to mess around in.  He had a ton of little toys that he would bury, then spin the bowl and then hunt for again!  Serious fun!  We did make a big mess, but most of it stayed in the bowl.

For storage we just kept it in the air tight bowl.  A week later and it is still pretty great!

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