Monday, September 24

Pinteresting Nails

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Pinteresting Monday!
Where I feature 10 things I found around Pinterest!

This weeks theme is nails!
I don't usually paint my nails.  I have kids, I bake, I peel the polish when I get frustrated or bored or think to much...  I have a bad peeling the polish habit.  But.  I ALWAYS have painted toes!  Since my daughter has reached that age where she wants to do her hair herself half the time we have started a new fun thing together.  Painting nails and toes!

So in my recent travels through Alaska, Texas and South Dakota this month we have aquired some fun colors add to the stash and are LOVING it!  I of course, headed to Pinterest for some nail inspirations and thought I would share a few fun pics with you!  We might have to show off some of our nails on here for you guys!

I will give nail credit where due, but some of these I could find a good link back to a real site.
Piggies by SugarSmitten
My mom loves pigs so this reminded us of her!
Matte Top Coat shown at
I think this is pretty!
Pretty Nail Stickers shown at Dainty Squid
She does a weekly nail and I love them all!
We bought white nail polish for this!  
Simple way to add more than one color
Minnie Mani by ManiadeEsmalte
Not in English, but the pics speak for themselves!
Peppermint Mani by Chloe's Nails
Great nail site.
Doing this for Christmas soon!
Candy Corn at Enamel Girl
We did this last week!
Dry Water Marble at Enamel Girl
I have seen how to the the Water Marble and was way to scared to try.  This I could do!
Simple Flames by CopyThatCopyCat
She just used a needle to pull up the flames!

There are some crazy nail picks our there, but I tried to keep the ideas down to pretty simple ones.  We are just starting in the At Home Mani world!  And... my daughter is 7 and patient, but I don't want to push it!

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