Monday, September 10

Pinteresting Hair

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Pinteresting Monday!
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This weeks theme is hair.
But this week will be a little different...
You see, my hair has been feeling neglected these past several months.  My sister is my normal hair dresser and I just don't live close enough for her to do it all the time.  Then the past few times I have been to visit I haven't bugged her good enough to get my hair dyed!  So...
Here I am without my usual colorful hair. 
(Pardon my non- makeup bedtime self.  I am on vacation people!)
I am natural and boring.  Long and pretty and healthy, needing a serious trim, but... boring to me.  
Time to shake things back up... WITH A VOTE!

Yes that is right.  YOU are going to help me decide my new hair!
If you have known me long enough you have known me with colored "chunks" of hair that start just above my ears.  I couldn't find a good picture of me with said chunks.  I started with colored extensions and moved up to actually dying my hair.  Usually two sections of hair just above the ears and always one fun color.  But I have decided to go a little more bold!

Up for vote are two different color placements.  OK?
OPTION A (above)
The Ombre
A gradual gradient of color that would start at the tips of the hair.
OPTION B  (below)
The Sprinkle
Random chunks of colorful hair.

Option B with the color sprinkles is a little more like what I was doing, but... I will do them smaller and all over instead of just two places.
The Ombre (above)
Color gradient starting at the tips.
The Sprinkle (below)
This is more chunky strands like I had before.

One more time...
The Ombre (Above)
This one is two different colors, but I love it!  Same idea starting at the tips.
The Sprinkle (Below)

Really this one is kinda a mix of the two, but.. I like it!

Honestly... I can't decide which style or color I want so...
YOU PICK FOR ME!  Please?  Just click in the poll to the right!
One color or lots?
Ombre or Sprinkles?
 I am with my sister for about a week so the vote will end on Friday.  I will post the new pics ASAP when I get my hair done!

Happy Voting!
And comments about colors are welcome!


  1. The last picture of the ombre and sprinkle, do your peekaboo (the underside) in the ombre and do the chunks like she has. I personally would go for the bold blue gradiant on the bottom like your third picture, and then do a pink and purple sprinkle in chunks. Hope this made sense


  2. How fun! Well, here's my two cents! For what it's worth I think less is more. I really like the ombre when it really stays lower to the bottom. The third pic was too much but the fifth and last were pretty. Personally, not a fan of blue or green in hair but I like pink, red, and orange together. I like the fifth pic a lot and think it would also be pretty to do the ombré as a sprinkle! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. I take that back, I like baby blue too!

  4. I agree. Less is more. I say the sprinkle. My very favorite is pic #4 and then pic #2. I love the colors in the last one but I think there is a little too much. That's my opinion! Have fun!

  5. Will you sell me your hair!?!? Oh and you should do the ombre with sprinkles and instead of doing it with dye use kool aid that's how I did mine and it looks amazing and has stayed for ever!

    Karen Stevens